Colorado Marijuana Business Funding ...

Colorado Marijuana Business Funding through NewVista Financing is available in all the major cities of Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Fort Collins as well as the entire state. We cover every corner of Colorado business funding with marijuana real estate loans, equipment financing, working capital funding, and even large project financing. Though we are focused on providing debt loans, we can also bring equity funding sources to the table to support your business.

For Colorado marijuana businesses adding or converting to hemp products including hemp flower and CBD products, etc. we provide Colorado hemp business funding as well - all the same financing programs below apply to both marijuana and hemp businesses in Colorado.

Colorado Marijuana Real Estate Funding

Here are the top 3 funding programs for Colorado businesses seeking financing on real estate.

1. Marijuana real estate purchase or acquisition funding - for this financing we can provide you up to 80% loan to value and sometimes higher with loan amounts from $1M-$5B+. We need to see that you have a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) in place for the property that you are acquiring in order to proceed with your loan request. If the seller has a recent appraisal on the real estate, that is very helpful to speed the process. Our rates and terms are very competitive for this funding type along with the others.

2. Marijuana property refinancing - if you own a property with sufficient equity and you want to refinance your mortgage, we have funding programs to meet your needs. You may have a note coming due or perhaps you have a traditional business property and now want to lease to a marijuana business or operate a marijuana business at that location yourself. We can provide loans typically up to 75% loan to value (LTV) and sometimes higher.

We can also pay off a first mortgage and assume 1st position when you refinance while providing you cash out if needed. Let's review and example of how that would work with the numbers - say the appraised value of your property is $2M, you want to refinance with cash out of $500k and pay off your 1st mortgage of $300k. If we offer you a loan at 65% LTV, the loan amount would be $2M X 65% = $1.3M. We pay off your 1st mortgage of $300k leaving $1M and then provide you your cash out of $500K leaving an additional $500k in property equity. Finally, you may just want to get cash out without refinancing your entire marijuana property and NewVista Financing can accomodate you there as well.

3. Marijuana real estate construction funding - wether you own a building that you want to build out or want to do ground up construction, we have loan programs to suit your customized needs. Many marijuana companies we work with have an existing property they want build out a grow operation, processing facility, retail dispenasry, distribution center or some combination of these. We can also include equipment in the build out construction loan so you have all your expenses bundled into one loan rather than having a construction loan and an equipment loan separately.

For marijuana ground up construction properties, the process works the same as build outs however we are working with raw land vs. an existing building. It helps if you already own the land and have made the necessary improvements to the land so that you are shovel ready for the construction funding.

For both build out and ground up construction funding, you will of course need to have all the necessary licenses, permits, construction budgets, and environmental and engineering reports for funding to begin.

You can also see more details for our real estate financing programs.

Colorado Marijuana Equipment Funding

We have two general programs for Colorado Marijuana Equipment Funding delineated by the size of the loan and a few other parameters.

Program 1 Highlights - For equipment financing requests of $500k or below (min $50k), we have a quick and easy funding program for which you can get funded within 7 days with minimal documentation and minimal down payment.

  • Fund within 7 days
  • Very competitive Rates
  • Low down payment requirements (as low as 5%)
  • Easy application - 1 page app, 3 months bank statements, Tax return
  • Most all equipment accepted
  • Sale/leasebacks accepted


  • 600 Min credit score¬†
  • $300k Min annual income
  • Min. loan amount $50k

Note that if you are a startup, income from other sources can be cross-collateralized in lieu of startup business income.

Program 2 Highlights:

This program is for loans above $500k with most equipment types accepted. Rates are very competitive and sale/leasebacks are accepted. Minimum down payment of 25% required along with full documentation for the application. Income from your marijuana business or other sources required to support the loan payments. Minimum credit score of 650.

Colorado Marijuana Working Capital

Working Capital is unsecured funding meaning that it does not require collateral such as real estate or equipment. We can get working capital (also known as cash advances or lines of credit) for your Colorado business in as little as 3 days. These loans are based on your business income and personal credit and require minimal documentation.

Colorado marijuana businesses like to use this working capital for inventory, marketing, expansion, down payments on properties, day to day expenses and more.

Loan amounts begin at $50k and go up to $5M+.

Colorado Marijuana Funding Evolution

Colorado along with Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012. All eyes were on Colorado to see how this experiment would play out. In most ways, Colorado has led the nation in implementation of recreational marijuana business practice, law and financing options.

In the beginning there were not many funding options for marijuana businesses in Colorado. They had to bootstrap their ventures with their own money and that of family, friends and business associates. Over time local Colorado equity investors became known and started investing their money or other investor partner's capital that they managed into Colorado marijuana business startups. They exchanged their cash for an equity stake in the company.

Over time the equity capital base grew and then the need for financing of marijuana business real estate became apparent and debt financing became available for marijuana real estate purchases, then real estate refinancing and construction loans as the industry in Colorado began to mature a bit.

But what about equipment financing for these companies that needed a variety of lighting and temperature control systems to grow indoor marijuana or extraction and kitchen equipment to make a myriad of tincture, vape and edibles? The need gave rise to very limited equipment financing at first because the equipment being financed was more of an unknown commodity/asset. Lenders were concerned about the real value and resale value of the equipment if they had to repossess it in the event of default.

Even today, 8 years later, there remain a limited number of equipment financing companies nationwide compared to the overall demand for this financing. Most equipment financing companies who finance equipment for non-cannabis businesses have been reluctant to add marijuana businesses to their portfolio due to the perceived risk.

Finally, working capital loan programs were made available for Colorado Marijuana businesses.

When hemp became legal in Colorado in 2014, there became a need for hemp businesses including hemp farmers, hemp processing and retail companies to find funding to grow their businesses - many of these were existing Colorado marijuana businesses that were expanding operations to include hemp or convert to hemp altogether.