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Cannabis Real Estate Loans Summary

NewVista Financing is a leading provider of cannabis, marijuana and hemp real estate loans throughout the U.S. with flexible programs and competitive rates. We provide cannabis real estate financing in more established states like Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada but also more states on the rise like Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts and the rest of the 50 states. These include marijuana property loans and dispensary loans in all locations.

Our lenders are diverse so we have the ability to get deals funded that others cannot. We strive to submit your loan request to more than one of our lending partners for commercial real estate so we can provide options for you.

Simple 3 Step Process for Funding- We have a simple and streamlined approach to getting your deal funded so we don't waste your time or ours.

1. Complete the quick and easy online pre-qualification form.

2. We review your completed pre-qualification and our funding manager gives you a call to discuss your lending options.

3. If there is a fit for funding, our funding manager works with you and our lenders to get you the best deal possible.

Commercial Real Estate Lending Guidelines

- We lend in all 50 states, Canada, Europe, others

- Loan amounts from $2M-$500M+

- Loans qualified based on your assets (equity in real estate, etc.), income, experience, etc.

- For Startups, we can cross-collateralize income and assets from other businesses

How We Finance Your Entire Vertically Integrated Real Estate Project

First, we get loan requests for marijuana properties but also for fast growing hemp CBD real estate loans. It doesn't matter to us what sector - we provide you funding just the same and will use the terms cannabis, marijuana and hemp interchangeably here.

When we talk about a vertically integrated project we are talking about one that involves real estate for 3 operations: 1. A grow or cultivation operation 2. A manufacturing or processing operation and 3. A distribution or retail operation.

Funding for grow operations can be straight indoor grow facilities that include construction of new facilities or build outs of existing buildings. For cannabis construction funding, we finance up to 70% of the construction costs with loan disbursements made upon construction milestones. Many construction projects also require sizable amounts of equipment which we can also finance for you. This may include equipment inherent in the functioning of the property such as HVAC or lighting.

For outdoor grow operations we can finance or refinance the purchase of the land along with building acquisitions such as greenhouses and lighting for those. For established businesses we can help you expand with working capital for seeds, clones, personnel, marketing and more.

For manufacturing, we can help you finance or refinance the building acquisitions and provide funding for the build out of the facility including the equipment. The main equipment is typically equipment that can extract the cannabinoids desired from the raw material and then distill to the desired level for your finished product. Additional equipment may include ventilation, security cameras, lab testing equipment and more.

For your retail or distribution facilities, which is typically some kind of dispensary, the same process applies - funding for the acquisition and build out along with financing for any equipment and working capital you may need.

Sometimes one of our lending partners will finance your entire vertically integrated project. Other times we will work with multiple lenders to secure the real estate, equipment and working capital loans that you need.