Dispensary Loans To Boost Your Business

3 Types of Dispensary Loans To Cover Any Purpose

Working Capital, Real Estate and Equipment

Dispensary Loans for Working Capital

Our working capital dispensary loans are unsecured, range from $20,000 - $5M, and may be used for any purpose including the ability to consolidate existing loans. The main requirements to apply for a working capital dispensary loan are a minimum of 3 full months in business, a business bank account, and minimum monthly income of $25,000 verifiable with your last 3 months bank statements.

The main lending criteria our lender will review is business income, personal and credit history of the owner(s), time in business, number of bank deposits per month and any situational factors such as frequent NSF's, any tax liens, bankruptcies, etc.

We can provide you quotes online or over the phone as quickly as you can provide us with your pre-qualification information. Get Started Here by completing our quick and easy pre-qualification form.

Our streamlined lending process...

  • Approvals within 2-3 days
  • Funding within a week for most
  • Minimal Documentation
  • Totally Unsecured
  • Use Funds for any purpose
  • Loans from $20k-$5M
  • All 50 states

Use Your Working Capital To...

  • Increase Marketing and Growth
  • Buy More Inventory
  • Fulfill Larger Orders
  • Open a New Location
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Pay Contractors, Growers, Vendors, etc.
  • Whatever You Need

Real Estate Dispensary Loans

Dispensary business owners rely on us to help them with many real estate dispensary loan scenarios including a building purchase for their new dispensary or new location. Or maybe you want to build new construction using land already owned. We can also help you purchase land or help you refinance or obtain an equity loan against the land.

Others want to refinance their current commercial building to get better rates and terms. We also have realty refinance with cash out options or straight cash out of properties for dispensary loans.

Many of our dispensary owner clients want to be vertically integrated by starting their own grow and/or processing operations which requires a construction or building acquisition dispensary loan and we have favorable rates and terms for each.

For real estate dispensary loan terms, we provide a short-term 2-3 yr interest only loan or a longer term 10 yr fixed option.

Pre-qualify for a real estate dispensary loan and get funds to grow your business!

Real Estate Purchase Dispensary Loans

To qualify for a dispensary loan for a commercial real estate purchase , you will need income to support the monthly payments on the loan and provide a sufficient down payment if it is an acquisition.

Our Loan to Value (LTV) for building purchases is typically 60-70% meaning we loan 60-70% of the value of the property with the remainder required as a down payment. In some instances, we can lend as high as 80% LTV on a dispensary real estate purchase. Other lending criteria considered includes personal credit history and a review of your assets and liabilities.

Real Estate Refinance Dispensary Loans

To refinance an existing dispensary or other commercial property, we use the same LTV range of 60-70% with comparable lending criteria as the purchase scenario. Our rates and terms are very competitive.

Real Estate Equity Dispensary Loans

To get cash out of your dispensary property (or other commercial property) in the form of an equity loan, we will provide you with 60-70% LTV minus the amount you owe on the property. For example, if you own a property valued at $1M, and you owe $400k on your existing mortgage(s), at 65% LTV, we would lend you $1M X 65% or $650,000 - $400,000 for a total of $250,000.

Construction Dispensary Loans

To qualify for a dispensary construction loan, the same rules apply as for the purchase scenario however the LTV is based on the Cost of the project rather than the Value of the property and is expressed as Loan to Cost (LTC). The LTC is the loan amount we will provide in relation to your construction costs.

We require a detailed construction budget to determine your overall cost for your dispensary construction project and if approved, provide a loan amount to your company 60-70% of that construction budget. The remaining budget cost will be required by your company. Terms are typically 2-3 years.

Dispensary Loans for Equipment

Lenders for dispensary businesses that will finance equipment are in short supply. Our lenders provide funding for both equipment leasing and purchasing. Typically, dispensary owners need to obtain equipment for either a processing or grow operation. Equipment for these operations can include HVAC systems, grow lighting, CO2 extraction equipment, farm equipment and more. Our dispensary loans for equipment allow you to lease the equipment with a monthly lease payment to help you preserve capital or you can purchase outright with a lease term loan.

To qualify your dispensary business for an equipment lease or purchase loan, our lenders will review the income of your business to determine if you can comfortably afford to make the monthly payments. They will also consider the length of time you have been in business, your personal credit score and background, down payment amount, the type of equipment you are purchasing and the viability of it's resale market in the event of default.

If you are a startup, getting funded is more challenging because you do not have a track record in the business but it's still not impossible - you will need to qualify with income from another business or job and provide a detailed business plan.

Pre-Qualify your dispensary business for equipment financing now.


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