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Suite of Financing Options

CBD Business Loans Introduction

As the demand for CBD products has skyrocketed in the U.S. and globally, so has the need for CBD business loans. A unique challenge arises for these loans because the majority of businesses entering this market are startups. Because startups do not have a track record of success, lenders are less willing to provide financing to CBD startups. Not to worry - we have solutions.

NewVista Financing has many business loan programs that can help whether you are just beginning or have a seasoned CBD business. You may be a hemp farmer looking to process CBD, a processor looking to wholesale your CBD products, a manufacturer providing finished products for the retail and wholesale market, a distributor, retailer or lab. In any case, one of our CBD loans may be a fit for your business.

CBD Loan Types

Our loans for CBD companies come in 4 main categories:

1) Equipment - Because CBD naturally needs to be extracted from the hemp plant, CBD businesses that are processing hemp need equipment. Thus, we have hemp extraction equipment financing and leasing to meet this need. This includes all types of equipment including extraction machines, rotovaps, distillers, and more. If you are looking to do your own lab testing, we can provide you with financing for lab equipment like mass spectrometers too. Pre-Qualify for CBD Equipment Financing.

2) Real Estate - Many CBD companies want to own their own real estate rather than leasing land, warehouse or retail space so we have CBD real estate loans to help you purchase, refinance, refinance with cash out or build out your facility with a CBD construction loan. We fund CBD real estate nationwide typically as bridge loans. Pre-qualify for a CBD Real Estate Loan.

3) Working Capital – You may need funds for lease payments, salaries, inventory, marketing or some combination thereof – also known as working capital. Straight working capital loans are less available than other loan types because they are unsecured by collateral like real estate and equipment.

For this reason, most lenders shy away from these loans and lines of credit. The cost of these loans also tend to be much more expensive in terms of interest rates. One loan product we have or CBD working capital is our merchant cash advance which requires having a business bank account showing at least 6 months of activity. Pre-qualify for a CBD Cash Advance.

4) Large Project – Our large project financing typically involves a combination of real estate, equipment and even some working capital with a minimum loan amount of $10M. This is an ideal loan for CBD companies who have serious expansion plans. A great feature of this loan program is that we can fund CBD startups! You don't even need to be generating revenue yet. The physical assets of the business serve as collateral for the loan.

The rates are very attractive at under 5% with a long 15 yr fixed term. Often we ask CBD companies that are seeking under $10M, “If we can provide you with financing below 5% interest on a 15yr term would you be interested in $10M or more? Many companies will say yes because they typically have financing needs beyond what they are initially seeking for a loan. To Pre-Qualify for a CBD large project loan, Contact Us and let us know the loan amount and use of funds you want.

CBD Loan Process

The first step in the loan process is to let us know about your loan request – the dollar amount you are seeking, the use of funds, details on real estate or equipment you are working with, etc. You can do this by contacting us directly or completing the appropriate pre-qualification forms (above left, green links). We will analyze what you have provided and determine what kind of a fit we have to match your loan request with one of our loan programs.

If there is a preliminary fit, we will discuss the options for you and then take the next step which is often a conference call with one of our fund managers to review the options and determine if you want to move forward. If so, we request the necessary follow up documentation to help our underwriting team review your supporting documentation for your loan request.

Our underwriters determine whether or not we can offer a loan to your company and if so, you will be provided an offer to review. If this offer is agreeable, we complete the final loan agreement and documents to close and fund your business - everybody wins!

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