Merchant Finance to Make Your Plans Reality ...

Merchant finance is a cash advance to help you with financing the operations of your business. Also known as MCA loans (Merchant Cash Advance), you receive funding based on the future income of your business.

The advantages of this merchant funding is that you receive funds much quicker than a traditional loan and you have little risk because merchant finance is totally unsecured. This means you do not need to pledge and risk any collateral such as real estate or equipment to secure the loan. It is technically not a loan rather the purchase of your future income.

NewVista Financing provides you these quick, unsecured funds with very little documentation at the lowest cost in the industry. Get started and apply now with this quick and easy form.

Process for Merchant Finance Funding

1. Pre-Qualify and we will determine if we have a good fit to move forward and fund your business.

2. Documentation - if your business pre-qualifies we just need your last 3-6 months of bank statements and a 1 page application to apply. How easy is that?

3. Once documentation is received we can provide you with an approval within hours, 24 hours max. Once approved we can often get you funded the same or next day.

Main Types of Merchant Finance

Credit Card Processing - This type of merchant financing is for businesses having a large portion of their receivables via credit card payments. This the original type of merchant cash advance whereby you receive funds for your business operation and then repay this funding with a modest portion of your credit card receipts on a daily or weekly basis.

ACH - This financing is suited for those businesses that have a smaller percentage of their receivables in the form of credit card payments. The lender provides a merchant finance advance to your business and then repayment for this funding is made through convenient ACH debits.

Uses For Merchant Finance Loans

One of the great advantage of these business cash advances is you are not put in a box of what the funds need to be used for unlike straight real estate or equipment transactions. You can use the funds for pretty much any business purpose.

Growth - provides the merchant the cash financing in order to expand their current location or open another location. You may need funds to build out a new facility that you want to lease, add on to your current location or buy a new warehouse or retail building. You can use merchant finance funds for a down payment on a property you want to buy. By the way, we can help you with separate loans for the purchase of real estate and equipment as well.

Equipment - Many businesses rely on the capacity, speed, and efficiency of various equipment to meet the demands of their customers. Merchant finance can help you to buy that new equipment to meet demands or even expand into other operations.

Marketing - The funding can be used for marketing your business and increasing your credit card sales. Improvements to your website, paid advertising, offline marketing, trade shows, a new sales rep. all cost your small business money. All these strategies can be fulfilled with an MCA loan.

Cash Flow - MCA Loans help many merchants to finance the gap between the time they fulfill an order and when they get paid. With extra cash on hand they the money needed to cover their other expenses including rent, payroll, utilities, etc.

Inventory - You may have big orders or high customer demand but how do you fill those orders with the excess financing on hand to buy your raw materials or products to fulfill those orders? With merchant financing you have the cash you need to increase your inventory and sales.

Expenses - It's not easy to keep your doors open as a business owner and meet your day to day expenses. Businesses are prone to ups and downs in revenue and sometimes you may need help to weather those down times so you can enjoy the good times. A merchant finance cash advance provides you the funding you need so you can receive a little relief knowing your bills are covered.

Merchant Financing Industries Served

Regardless of your industry, the same process is used to qualify for merchant finance funding based on your income and money management.

We provide this funding to most industries including high risk industries such as hemp and cannabis.

Merchant Finance Approval Factors

Income - Remember the basis of merchant finance is the purchase of your future income so your income is the central factor for qualifying for your MCA loan. The greater your business income, the larger the loan amount you will be offered.

Bank Account Management - MCA lenders like to see at least 8 deposits in your business bank account each month, minimal NSF's and an average daily balance in the $1000's - all factors that lend well to a successful merchant funding approval and cash advance payments. A simple review of your bank statements will show to what degree these criteria are met.

Credit - most merchant financing providers require a minimum credit score of 600 however we have programs for credit well under 600. The higher your FICO, the higher your chance of approval. In addition to credit score, a review of your credit profile will be accomplished to determine if there have been or currently exist any tax liens or bankruptcies. Neither of these scenarios is necessarily a deal breaker - if you have a payment plan or have paid off a tax lien, you will likely still qualify for a loan. If a bankruptcy is far enough in the past and fully discharged, there still remains a good chance of approval as well.

Age of Business/Experience - how long you have been in business and your experience in your industry are factors in the approval process. You can be in business as little as 3 months to qualify but the longer you have been in business, the greater chance of approval. This is true simply because you have a proven track record if you have been in business longer and have weathered the ups, downs and challenges that any business brings.

Background - once a business is approved for a cash advance, a personal background check may be implemented to ensure that the borrower has not been engaged in criminal activity, etc.