Cannabis Startup Funding to Launch Your Business

Count The Ways We Get You Cannabis Startup Funding...

  • Personal Lines of Credit Exclusive for Cannabis Business Owners*
  • Cannabis Startup Crowdfunding up to $1M Per Year Reg CF, Unlimited funding via Reg D accredited investors and up to $50M via Reg A+ - both accredited and non accredited through our funding partners
  • Refinance and Cash Out Your Residential or Commercial Real Estate
  • Home Equity and Commercial Lines of Credit
  • Business Loan From One of Your Other Businesses or Your Partners
  • And More...
*0% Interest for 12-24 Months, 680+ Average Credit Score for 3 Credit Bureaus Required - If Your Credit Score is Below 680, You Can Have Your Partner Apply Who's Score is 680+

We get how challenging it is to be a cannabis startup but we also know how much opportunity there is in front of you! That is why we have created as many cannabis startup funding options as possible. Sometimes it requires us to use more than one funding option to get you the loan or funding amount you need. Cannabis startup lines of credit are available if you don't have business income yet or real estate and other assets to pledge as collateral.

If you have business income for at least 3 months over $10,000 per month for 3 months in a row, we can also provide you with a cannabis business startup loan. These are usually a business cash advance that is unsecured and requires minimal documentation to get funded.

Then if you do have real estate equity whether it be a cannabis property or not, all kinds of other cannabis startup financing opportunities open up for you - refinance with cash out, home equity loans and lines of credit and more.

Capture this opportunity for cannabis start up funding while you can. One thing we know for sure about the marijuana business climate now - the pace is quick with most cannabis entrepreneurs moving as fast as they can to capture market share. You can think about it and plan a bit, but speed in this game will play a big role in success and failure. Ideally, you will strike a happy medium. We're here to guide you to determine the best mix of startup funding options right for you. We can't wait to talk with you!